WLPC Prepay funding systems create communities of customers and producers to jointly share in the profits from the assets constructed with funds.  The WLPC community is buyers of software services and producers of software assets.

Any software producer can join the community and agree to share the value created by funding the software construction, maintenance and operation with customers and others in the community. The reason for doing this is it is less expensive than the cost of debt or equity. Members share the savings with lower prices and high returns on contributions.


With traditional funding, external money is given to the software producers. The software producers repay the money with interest.  For the community of producers and buyers, the return of the money with interest goes out of the community. With prepayments with discounts, the money remains in the community and the savings of interest are shared between the buyers and producers.

The same principle applies if the external money comes in as equity except in the case of equity the cost is the capital gains that leave the community



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