White Label Personal Clouds (WLPC) started researching and trialling Complex Adaptive Systems in 2013. Since then WLPC has spent over $2,000,000 in cash and in-kind.  Early trials developed the Welcome Aboard system. It was trialled successfully but lack of funds prevented commercialisation.


As a result of not finding acceptable ways of funding, WLPC decided to develop a Complex Adaptive System approach to funding. Traditional funding using debt or equity is expensive and difficult to obtain for genuine innovations. WLPC has now developed a Complex Adaptive Funding system to solve the problem.  In principle, the approach is not new and is best known and used when a group of people come together to build community facilities with their local resources. Examples are Barn Raising in the UK and USA rural communities and the many forms of mutual organisations


WLPC has used the ideas of mutualism to develop Pre Pay Funding. It industrialises mutual finance and in doing so reduces the cost of operating funding at scale. The reduction in cost increases the return on investment.


The first Pre Pay Funding system is Pre Power Co-op funding of renewable energy.  Pre Power Funding operates with spreadsheets and traditional accounting packages when there are few members in a Co-op.  It needs WLPC Pre Pay Funding to work with many Co-op members. WLPC Pre Payments of services are periodically available to fund the development of systems.  


To purchase the future income at a discount from the software to operate Pre Power, send a request to WLPC via the button below. Include the value you wish to purchase. You will receive a link, the terms and conditions and the name of the bank account to which to transfer money.  All the names of Pre Payment holders are made available to other Pre Payment holders and prospective buyers. You can contact other holders directly and ask their opinion of WLPC Pre Pay.


If you receive cash back, the return of your payment is tax-free, and the discount value is a Capital Gain. However, you should obtain independent superannuation and tax advice on the treatment of discounts.  Pre Pay WLPC returns double your money in equal instalments over five years. It is about equivalent to about a 45% return on investment annuity.


You can view the terms and conditions of WLPC Pre Payments here.



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