WLPC PrePay Software from White Label Personal Clouds builds, with humans, intelligent information systems.

People supply the intelligence. WLPC provides the information.


Intelligent organisations, users and purchasers of WLPC software supply the funds to design, build and operate the systems by prepaying for future services.  Buyers whom prepurchase WLPC software receive double the value of goods as equal monthly purchases over five years.


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Pre Power Pty Ltd has agreed to licence WLPC software for use by Pre Power Co-ops. Each Co-op will pay a transaction fee when Co-op members purchase electricity using WLPC software. You can share in the profits from the income stream generated from the transaction fees by prepurchasing WLPC services.

Pre Power Co-ops or any person or organisation can prepay for WLPC software services. 

Find out more of the terms and conditions at the FAQ or ask your own question.


Organisations wishing to develop new software products often have difficulty raising money. Pre Payments provide a low-cost, low risk, high return way to raise money for software products. Talk to WLPC and we will see if we can help you raise the money you need.


WLPC is investigating Home Purchase Pre Payment Software for Housing Co-operatives.  Contact us if you wish to start a cooperative to fund your communities homes. 


A home funding Co-op can give investors a 6.5% inflation-adjusted annuity over twenty years. Home buyers need no deposit and buy their homes for no more than 30% of their income.


Many organisations have debt obligations. If the organisation has a steady income flow from customers or members, WLPC PrePay can replace external debt with Prepayments from customers.  PrePaying customers can get a discount of double the value of interest payments and the organisation has the same financial outcome.


Governments often go into debt to pay for infrastructure. Instead of using debt government can use Prepayment of taxes to fund infrastructure. The citizens Prepaying can receive double the interest paid and the government has the same amount of taxes for other purposes.


One of the difficult problems in the operation of information systems is the handling of personal data.  WLPC systems solve the problem by giving each in a WLPC funded system a community identity.  The community identity is unique for the community, and each person uses a unique code to identify itself to any other entity in the WLPC funded system.  A person can use their unique community identity to create a unique code to identify themselves to an external entity. Doing this provides a low cost, secure and private identity system for any organisation.  It is particularly useful for large organisations who find it difficult to satisfy privacy and security regulations.




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